IN CHARACTER  Fotografiska – Stockholm Febuary 2019



Steven Kasher Gallery – New York March 1. – April 14.

AIPAD with Steven Kasher – New York April 5. – April 8.

Photo London  The Little Black Gallery  Mai 17. – Mai 20.

Ravestjin Gallery –  Amsterdam September 8. – October 21.





















The Woman Who Never Existed

PhotoFairs San Francisco, 27-29 January 2017

Shoot Gallery in Oslo 9 March – 30 April

Galerie Photo 12 in Paris 16 March – 22 April

The Little Black Gallery in London 4 – 27 May















SALON ZURCHER Photo, NY  September  7-12  2016 LONDON May 2016 with The Little Black Gallery. A  selection from Short Stories. 

SHORT STORIES  26th of May 2016 At The Little Black Gallery.  140 Sheets of Polaroid containing fictional characters, objects, landscapes and interiors – all in some way connected to each other. The stories start off in the same way, all inspired by pre-owned objects. Rhinestone lashes, a police booking sheet with fingerprints, a Russian gun holster and six 1940s dolls with loose limbs, all led to a character and a chapter in the collection of tragicomic tales.

A limited edition book of the same name, SHORT STORIES, will be be published by Jane & Jeremy in May.



PHOTOGRAPHING IN COSTUME  3 March – 2 April New York 2016.  POP- Up at 317 10th Avenue with The Little Black Gallery curated by Andi Potamkin.

The Backyard

PHOTO LONODN 2015.   I will be at Photo London with The Little Black Gallery, Mai 20th – 24th showing work from Darlene & Me and with my first publication “Photographing in costume”.

Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA

DARLENE & ME  15 January  2015 – 10 March 2015  at The Little Black Gallery.

Darlene & Me started with the content of a suitcase from 1959, that left me thinking about the relationship we have with ourselves. The case belonged to a beauty counselor named Darlene and contained makeup samples, brochures and the receipts from her sales. Most of the samples appeared to be untouched, but there were  clear traces of her fingers in the two lipstick colors Strawberry Festival and Princess Pink. In August 1960 Darlene sold a jar of Liquid Beauty and one Temptress’s Hairspray, both were to herself. After that she made no more sales. The case left me with a feeling of a woman’s failed attempt at success, and a strong sense of who got in her way. The woman I  envisioned became the only character of my next series, Darlene and Me. Isolated in a rented house in the Californian desert, I took on the part of Darlene to tell the story of my fictional characters intricate relationship to herself. Darlene & Me portray two women, photographed together in displays of conflict or simply in each others company whether in agony or comfort. The two are, of course the same woman.


The Garden hose